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Price: USD 204.89
Model: li0018ed0m
Shipping: 24.98

Product Overview //
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered LED
  • Nice Quality Monocular Biological Compound Microscope!
  • View Prepared Biological Slides, or create your own specimens for a Great Learning Experience!
  • Great Scope for Students, Teachers, Hobbiests, or for anyone wanting to learn more about the Micro World!
  • Clear and Bright Biological Images through Premium Optics!
  • Attractive Economical Price! Priced Much Lower than Competition!
Brightfield microscopy with this compound light microscope.
This microscope used to take these images.    

Dog Ureter
Photo Through 10x Eyepiece
Taken Under 10x Objective
100x Total Magnification

Dog Ureter
Photo Thru 10x Eyepiece
40x Objective
400x Total Magnification
Excellent Quality!

Mole Cricket Leg
Photo Thru 10x Eyepiece
10x Objective
100x Total Magnification
Lowest Price Anywhere!
Included Bonus Items
  • FREE GIFT: Qty 50 professionally stained and prepared glass microscope slides with a variety of plant and animal specimens beautifully color stained for high contrast imaging.
  • FREE GIFT: Qty 50 ground glass blank microscope slides!
  • FREE GIFT: Qty 100 glass microscope cover slips to go on top of the microscope slides!
  • This starter kit is a great accessory for the microscope.
Eyepieces and Magnification
  • Three Magnifications: 40x, 100x, and 400x.
  • Eyepiece Included: Wide Field 10x.
  • Three DIN Achromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, and 40x.
  • Spring Loaded 40x Objective to Protect Slides.
  • LED Bulbs for Bright and Efficient Transmitted Base Illumination.
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Electrical System.
Head - Interpupillary Distance - Diopter
  • 45 Degree Inclined Monocular Head, Rotatable 360 Degrees.
Light Aperature
  • Substage Light Aperature Adjustment Dial.
Stage Specifications
  • Stage Size 100mm x 105mm with Slide Clips.
  • Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope.
  • Adjustable Screw-Stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides.
  • Rack & Pinion Steel Gears with Knob to Easily Move Stage Up and Down.
Other Specifications
  • Ships in Molded Styrofoam Container for protection.
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • 110 VAC Power Requirement (Contact us about 220V availability).
  • High Quality Solid Construction!
  • Precision Made Glass Optics!
  • Brand New, Never Used!
Warranty Information
  • This unit is protected by a 5 Year Warranty from Manufacturer on the Microscope and included equipment.
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