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Our name says it all, Lowest Price Microscopes, and that is what we have for you! We’ve got the lowest priced microscopes at a high standard of quality that no other microscope store can match!

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Boom Mounted - Articulating

Boom Mounted - Articulating Microscopes
Boom Mounted - Dual Arm

Boom Mounted - Dual Arm Microscopes
Boom Mounted - Normal

Boom Mounted - Normal Microscopes
Inverted Tissue Culture

As you utilize our inverted tissue culture microscopes, you may view your cultured specimens with ease. The best quality needed for your work may be easily attained with the application of our microscopes? long working distance objectives as well as their condensers. For cellular biology and tissue culturing, our inverted tissue culture microscopes are the perfect tools.
Metallurgical - Metallographic

For quality control labs, metallurgical labs, silicon wafer inspection, foundries, and industrial applications, we have upright and inverted types of metallurgical/metallographic microscopes. Particularly useful with opaque surfaces, the microscope?s individual epi-illumination lets a different source of light in from the objective. These types of microscopes are perfect for studying and identifying the structure of various kinds of alloys and metals. You?ll find precisely what you?re looking for with our wide array of metallurgical/metallographic microscopes!
Portable Field

Our portable field microscopes offer solar/battery powered light for field use. They are modeled in a compact nature and of lightweight for easy transportability. Any on-site fieldwork or nature trips will be easy to handle with this type of microscope. We even have low power and high power units.
Professional Biological

In medical cases where specimens must be studied utilizing high power, our professional high power microscopes are great tools. The professional high power microscopes shown here can provide equally professional results. Those consumers searching for the finest level of microscopes will realize that they?ve discovered a treasure trove of microscope materials. The microscopes themselves are at competitive prices and their features and images will be most helpful for your needs. We?ve got a wide selection of the highest quality professional microscopes.
Professional Low Power

Do you want professional low power microscopes that can offer you the best for your hard-earned cash? Our low power microscopes are perfect for those situations where 3D view as well as lower power magnifications that have an excellent depth of field are required. They are equipped for the job in industrial cases or those which entail quality control. Improved zoom ratios along with the images and features that our microscopes offer, will give you the professional results you require. We offer a selection of the highest quality low power stereo microscopes.
Student Biological

Our student-friendly prices for student high power microscopes will catch you off-guard! These microscopes are created with both the school curriculum and financial needs of a student taken into consideration. You get all this without sacrificing the quality of imaging! Not just the student, but anyone needing quality lab equipment at an affordable bargain can make the most of these microscopes. We?ve got the best student-priced student high power microscopes for you!
Student Low Power

While on a budget, you may find it difficult to search for a student low power microscope that suits your needs. But things won?t be difficult for you any longer. Here, our student low power microscopes can deliver the results that a student requires without being overpriced. Take a look at our extensive line of student low power microscopes at competitive prices.

Our teaching head microscopes are just what you need for teaching applications that require a set of people to view one specimen simultaneously. Our models have up to 5 heads on one unit.

Toy Microscopes
Video Zoom Inspection

Video Zoom Inspection Microscopes